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The term "Design" may seem broad, and it is — as it should be. The problem is not in its definition, it is in its usage. Design is like an intuition. While governed by many factors, for many different disciplines, it is also rooted in an inherent understanding of what is appealing, useful, and intelligent.

This is where it all starts. Your identity is the single most powerful design you need. This is where all future design emanates from, and anchors to. A successful identity design can inspire confidence — it is always about first impressions.

Design requires more than the top of the line software. It requires an understanding of color theory, layout, balance, not the least of which - media. Depending on the media, the graphic design itself needs to change to reproduce properly.

Print media requires a delicate touch. So many factors go into successful print reproduction, that it takes a professional to insure quality and delivery. Terms such as trapping, registration, and total ink coverage are necessary for this type of project to come off clean. I have over 13 years of experience in print media and prepress requirements.

The internet is one of the most powerful sales, marketing and information delivery media ever. Technologies are constantly changing and upgrading. The company you choose needs to understand the nature of this media. I have fully embraced this era, and have the experience and knowledge to create whatever you need your web presence to be.

If I can't provide perfection in-house, rest easy. I have expert partners on hand that I turn to. I strive for perfection, and because of my connections in the industry, I can insure that even the most obscure requirement is done to exacting standards.