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SKATING magazine cover design

Skating magazine cover

of note …

I began my relationship with U.S. Figure Skating with a media guide cover in 1999. This led to a number of SKATING magazine cover designs, and most recently, the outsourced contract for design and layout of every issue of SKATING magazine. It was a constant challenge to single-handedly create compelling and creative layouts month after month. Balancing a contract of this size, while retaining the loyalty and respect of the rest of my clientele proves my dedication and ability as a professional designer.


Producing a monthly publication requires, more than anything else, a solid understanding of prepress and the printing process. Any mistakes in color, resolution, fonts and many other factors will delay a print job and cost a client deadlines and often cold hard cash in the form of prepress charges. Without a professional understanding of printing requirements, a contract of this size would have certainly — and has — been taken away from lesser designers.