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U.S. Figure Skating Marshall's SkateFest poster

Marshalls SkateFest 04 poster

Sasha Cohen signing Marshalls poster

design objectives

U.S. Figure Skating and Marshalls wanted to have a poster designed that would not only be informative and push U.S. skaters to the event, but also produce a nice piece that could be signed by Sasha Cohen at each event. The idea was that kids would cherish the experience and have a great poster to put up in their rooms as a reminder — something they might keep forever.

design challenges

Creating a truly stunning poster was the challenge. How to stand out among so many similar formats is no easy task. With printing and design costs always important, many clients shy away from alternate sizes, formats, and especially unique paper. After some initial mockups and discussions with U.S. Figure Skating, I was able to convince them that any extra costs for some unconventional paper and an unconventional size would be made up by the unique draw the poster would have.

of note …

The Marshalls SkateFest poster won an ADDY award this year for U.S. Figure Skating and Gas Giant Design at the 2005 Pikes Peak ADDY awards.